L'Albero Capovolto: a place full of flavor

Those who know Sardinia know that it is hard not to fall in love with it. This is exactly what happened to my parents; in fact having seen this magical place, they could not resist building for me and for my brothers, a shelter where we could spend the summers together. From the many memories that bind me to this land so loved by my family, was born the desire to recreate the same atmosphere and hospitality in which I grew up.

The contact with nature, the background noise of the pastures and the details that characterize the house allow, once there, to find a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Everything has been kept authentic, in harmony with the landscape and the local craftsmanship.

Each room is named after a member of my family. You can choose to sleep in the room of Daniele, Beniamino, Timothy, Michael, or that of my parents, Georgia and Emmanuel. Small details make them different from each other, to give a touch of uniqueness, while maintaining something in common: the silence, the light and the magical atmosphere. On this small piece of the world, kissed by light and surrounded by a crystal clear sea, arises the Upside Down Tree (l'Albero Capovolto).

Alessandro Israelachvili


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